Origin of Tattoo – the permanent story of Body Art


 Origin of Tattoo The word “Tattoo” in present day is defined by an array of styles and cultural illustrations permanently created within the layers of living human skin. It has been a practice continued over centuries by different civilizations with varied significance and associations. These known instances are the common genres of the modern tattoo tradition. A tradition which has evolved not just in popularity and creativity, but also the methodology and equipment. When tattoos started in our noted history, there are three individual instances of a social definition: 1. Tribal Tattoos Continue reading


sleeping acts

Sleep  Otinflewer


if sleeping is dormancy, then awakenings should be realignment with the accumulated. However,  When we sleep, it is an act of pulling our ends apart, tearing, creating space inside. Like shedding our skin and known. A safe shell within which, we shiver, cuddle and comfort ourselves to a careless sleep.

When we sleep, in spite of all our tragedies, we create our heavens in our thoughts and give in to it, daring to dream still. The awakening, therefore, always feels like the beginning.


Buddhism and design


Buddhism teaches love for beings, nature and ideas alike. It is only with the acceptance of two particles that a bond exists giving birth to or creating the ascending fractions of our universe. This binding, over a period of time, results in the face of evolution in the ever changing and ever expanding universe

The purpose of life, not ours alone, but of every form of desire and will that exists, is defined not on the basis of their function, ability, communities, regions, perceptions or the view of their world  or of those around it. A purpose to life is to be part of everything that has grown till late, to able to relate with everything that existed and to grow further, till nature, in its truest physical, chemical and biological hierarchies, can take us.

We often speak of our possessions and our earnings. But seldom we realize, our only true belongings are half a cubic meter of restrictively malleable bodies programmed to unimaginable efficiency and possibilities and an apparently random amount of time to live by. An after life can be anything, but not you who existed before death. Many forms and beings have disappeared with little hope of reappearing within our lifetimes. In their afterlife, their worlds are away and distant from our beliefs and understanding.

With the two though, we can create bubbles of possibilities within this fabric of time and space, expanding with the course, clinging to every other bubble that it doesn’t poke and burst, adding strength and momentum to the universal tumble and the possibility of growth.

Everything exists in singularity at a given moment. As long as one can relate and pair or share, or bond or empathize with another particle or existence, they remain in a form, function or belief, evolving with the spanning time and continuous interactions with the other forms and possibilities that exist at their time creating patterns of decoration in their stories.