Oh river, today, why are you so quiet?
No sound, no movement, in this starry night.
Your thoughts, your feelings – who can ever find?
Are you, oh river, imitating my state of mind?

A Glitter in the eye

The glass in the picture,
Of the windows passing by.
And it does not glitter,
In my eye.

The words from the letter,
That was being now kept aside.
Just crackle’s and clutter’s
Worth came to the mind.

The corners of the curtains,
That fade with the light,
The sparkle still pertains,
But bade in the fight.

And it does not glitter,
In my sight.
Sun, from the night.


Wild-flower in starlit heaven
Unaccepted dullness shine
Wild-flower that perished in all of seven
oh beauty this wild-flower of thine

Often thou picked thy comb
Straightened, untangled these thoughts
We witnessed the echoes from thy dome
Listened to battles that thou fought

And then thy glory they praised
Drunken with radiance, hands were raised
As the conversations were evenly grazed
The wild-flower only beset to be fine

I could not do any less but hate
They ailments we could not quarantine
All nightmares stranded at thy gate
And rays that left thou tattered with time

her Nightmares

tired and victorious
when they’d all be sleeping,
under the sheets over sad rugs
he’d still be weeping

hoping the dawn will come
sooner than those dreams
before the veins burst and thoughts are numb
before she wakes up and screams

Me and You

If ever a word on such day
You wish I heard as you’d say
If ever some dream from your sky
You wish had fallen within my eye
I’ve wished the beauty I stand and stare
To fall on us in equal share

If in my words ever you found
Somewhere hidden a healing sound
If ever the things that have you tied
Were spoken without you having tried
You’ve heard all stories of my dark and blue
And known it all without a clue