Singing Sita

oh kings, thou captured the glories
soldiers thy name lives through
but seldom we long for stories
when sita sang the blues

with wisdom god parted
all powers thou could choose
she lived a sunken hearted
singing flawless on the loose

battling with pride
for honour and truce
she refused fruits dried
among thorn prick and a bruise

in thy selfless justice
the righteousness thou fuse
she only prayed for her gods bliss
in fire surrounding like noose

when thou lit those lamps
and the homecoming continued
her breath was strangled with clamps
of all trauma she lived through

thou served thy lord father
with all mightiness thou could use
she gave up the palace than rather
a hut on the groove

oh sita,thy fair I know
and this beauty thou choose
with a ringing in my head low
thy voice melting, singing blues


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