Rainbows and showers have not brought
Loveliness similar to thy thought
Yet I still find zeal in it
Visions of life that you do not

Darkness crawls over in layers
buckets rain, thunder scares
Expressions of pain, this dimly lit
Forced to accompany all my fears

“The wind blew
Turned me around
Everything it threw
Yet I found

A push,to continue
deeper,into the blue”

like a wishful leaf leaves
With acceptance of waiting grieves
From among others that fondly sit
condemning all it believes

winds from spring that make them lush
chose this leaf in a pattern to flush
For abandoned, none other would benefit
Or find charm in sadness’ mush

Toppling and fallen the rain then arrives
A pleasant ecstasy in mind thrives
Understanding of its tears that does not fit
Its unheard sorrow then it drives

“Clouds then drew
Echoes of sound
A world washed new
Yet I still found
A push,to continue
Farther, away from you
Deeper, into the blue”


Leaves flushed in a pattern


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