thirty yards on legs and a stick,
he covered to appear the first day.
carts came and went forgetting his pick,
his world lost leaving him astray.

in between his pervasive silence of smile,
hid his bag of fortune saved all the while.
“to liven, you give and you’ll get,
love for all is the safest bet.”

his words had the mellifluousity,
that every song wished around its lapel.
waiting for his chant to fall in place,
he seemed to have had enough long a day.

soon after he sang the night,
even the day missed his last words,
embracing the key in his hand tight,
he seemed to have left with the morning birds.

the songs never ceased for my head,
as I opened the treasure he hailed.
I could imagine gold keys under a bed,
but his treasure had my heart waited.

“I give you, you give everyone,
life, a million years strong.”
his hands turned desolate lone,
saving finger prints with their own song.


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