In Time

“Longed for a letter that someone would write
Filled with words, meant for me
Like the farthest sun appearing at night
The finest of love had come from thee”

In some distant land with purple sky
Alone in her world lived she
Halfway through the letter, he had begun to try
And wonder how her smile would be

When she wrote, he prayed for smiles
But pain in her words, he could clearly see
like a swan that had travelled miles
In search of a humble and peaceful tree

Now, there was a time, when he was young
And in those years, fairer was she
But perfumes from spring still fill their lungs
Such was their fall, in love, madly

The thinning white strands grew tired of growing
And the backs were worn, just like the knee
The eyesight was fading and wrinkles showing
But all their beauty, they could still see

In his letters detailed, she found a stream
Similar to her world, that had been unseen
And like two lovers in the deepest dream
They danced and sang with oceans in-between


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