A Perfect Circle

How he forgot the night still stays,
It’s just the sun that shows its face.
all love and smiles,like a star’s bright ,
Just come and wait,
Wait till darkness again wins the fight.

You saw love in the light,
Light that is loved in spite,
The cold and blue that keeps his mind.
that he trusts even blind.
he saw it not as a fear,
He saw no need to hide,
For souls we bear,
To laugh on our never-ending slide.

“There is a vicious circle in all actions and
accidents. There is light;there is darkness;and they
constantly chase each other

How hard it is to separate the sweet and the sad?
Sometimes the urge to share sadness seems much
less than the wish of sharing a moment of joy.

It is not an effort to shut all doors behind. But a
sufficient window decorated with floral planks,to
see through to the other side and to ensure nothing
much moves across,tempts.”

At the end of it,when he would rather be about to
stretch his legs on the mattress that was seemingly
left out behind his back,he read out what he wrote.
An instance of it made me feel it was an attempt to
check for mistakes. However,the motionless
postures and depth in voice made it sound like a
“Clause of Silence”.

It was a conversation with self. It was silent.

It is this silence, which does not conclude.It is this
Silence,which only after the parameters of a conversation.


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