Origin of Tattoo – the permanent story of Body Art


 Origin of Tattoo The word “Tattoo” in present day is defined by an array of styles and cultural illustrations permanently created within the layers of living human skin. It has been a practice continued over centuries by different civilizations with varied significance and associations. These known instances are the common genres of the modern tattoo tradition. A tradition which has evolved not just in popularity and creativity, but also the methodology and equipment. When tattoos started in our noted history, there are three individual instances of a social definition: 1. Tribal Tattoos– to differentiate groups. Tribal designs inspired by geometry and nature are among the oldest creations of humans. Some researchers believe it could be as old as cave paintings. Long before we turned to paper to put our thoughts through, early humans had started to express in brilliant arrays of stripes and scars across their skin, in representation of their understanding and abilities. African tribes in remote areas still practice age old procedures. The most outstanding designs can be seen in Polynesian, Maori and Celtic tattoos. 2. Stamps and markings– to establish identities. Organisations as old as the colonial rules practiced it to mark their slaves. Similarly, Prison Tattoos from Russia and the Yakuza legacy of the Japanese body art and symbolism are among the leading innovators of tattoo for enthusiasts. Even in China, where tattoos have also been used to brand criminals, it evolved as an attractive social expression and china’s development over the years as fueled in the brilliance of design and color with their history of diversity and culture. China along with the US are mass producing the equipment and inks for the modern artists worldwide. 3. Decorative and honorary– to emphasize culture, independence or beliefs. All the while tattoo has been associated with body modifications and permanent make-up, it has created a unique pattern of expression through the body among humans. Limited by technology in the early ages and fearful of the social implications humans have always been inclined towards creating a more attractive, detailed and meaningful outlook. Today designs are inspired from Buddhist paintings, astrological prophecies, personal dedications, cultural makeup and even science fiction. After all, a tattoo might tell a lot about the bearer.


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    Part of the bigger plan – I need a tattoo – problem is not sure about how acceptable a tattoo will be to my work life. Will it implicate changes in the professional relationships between colleagues, managers, clients & partners. Is there any truth or plain hype about the myth that tattoos are a ” big no, no” in the corporate culture. Does certain global MNC do not hire professionals with a visible tattoo mark or all this are just nuances of utter nuisance. To debunk the myth, get to the truth and hopefully a tattoo for me acceptable by my peers & colleagues at work is what we are factoring here forth.

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