Often there is a a draft, a sudden breeze that appears to come through travelling a certain specific path, picking scents and voices along with and whispering them past the ears, the skin, the face, arms and the knees. This drifting careless, taunts with the possibilities it creates in our conscious and sub concsious existenct. It rattles the center like a wave trying to penetrate the crust. What we eventualy feel is mere shivver down the spine. A fast and spontaneous shake from inside to out, lasting a moment just. Like a bubbling shiver, leaving us in a widened view thfough a moment of relaxation. We all love the romantic cool breeze. Nature’s means of infusing us with its potion of unity and reactivity.



This is a sketch of that breeze caught in its emotionless yet beautiful act of playing around in its own hair in a fair light. Made up of feeble calm lines. This drawing has been made using a blue ballpoint roller pen on an A3 size off white cartridge sheet, over a duration of 2 to 3 hours. Such exercise is good to develope confidence in your hand movement and to study light and contours simultaneously.


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