khanda tattoo

khanda shoulder otinflewer 
khanda tattoo otinflewerThe Khanda ( Punjabi: ਖੰਡਾ, khaṇḍā) depicts the Sikh doctrine Deg Tegh Fateh in emblematic form. It is also part of the design of the Nishan Sahib. A double edged sword (also called Khanda) is placed at the top of a Nishan Sahib flag as an ornament or finial. The Khanda Emblem is an amalgam of three symbols,[1] represented by three different items.
  • A double-edged sword also called a Khanda which is in the centre
  • Chakkar (or chakram)
  • Two single-edged swords, or kirpanthe bottom and sit on either side of the Khanda and Chakkar. They represent the dual characteristics of Miri-Piri, indicating the integration of both spiritual and temporal sovereignty together and not treating them as two separate and distinct entities.[2]

The symbol is encoded in Unicode, in the Sikhism Symbols range, at codepoint U+262C (☬).





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