living in a wall

living in a wall otin flewer

living in a wall otinflewer


Wall completed in 4 weeks using charcoal soft pastel and black ink.


Our view is to separate the gradients, but in nature everything is a one whole form.

As we evolve, the product of our evolution is instilled in things we construct. We establish these products as our beliefs. Ever building.

In everything there is something beautifully tied one to all as such, that the one that can, touches the chords as per its desire.


I realize how the only purpose of our thought is to build a script of possibilities. Almost like life is micro tool placed in an object to make it possibly pass through time, experiencing it in a varied way, travelling to the very moment of origin. Just like the entire universe, a life dances a moment reflecting everything around it inside the conscious and subconscious perceptions we experience, right from the moment of origin, till as far as it can go in the universe.


wall life

wall life otinflewer

Life happens when something, a mixture of cells and organs etc., is capable of tracing back in its contents, the events and possibilities that have occured ahead in their time and accordingly capable of maintaining and using this content while time travelling from the begining of everything till its end.

Every think we accumulate becomes of a purpose, that is how we progress as life. Otherwise we are floating matter like everything. It is only from the reflection within that the mirror can reflect further ahead in time.

Walls at otinflewer

wall otinflewer



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