oddity of character




Expectation and aspiration are possibilities in a mind and maybe emotions are a certainity. Yet we all age irrespective of our desires and achievements. Maybe its our thoughts that tick our times…I always think age means a person has exactly that much amount of something with him or her as is their age. Maybe anything. Like a spinning star forms planets in its rings. Instinctive or constructive, our thoughts could be the sequence of our ticking time. Holding a few things in orbit, trying to make an arrangement. As we think, we lean closer to our edges to fall over again and again.


In a universe, with the consistency of character,  occurrances and events as ours, it is difficult to spot something odd. Just as it is for an odd to survive. Everything Is dissolved to make the solute and the solvent of the solution called universe.

I wonder if there could be supermen.



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