Shirui lilly



“SHIRUI LIILY” flower is a rare and famous flower in the world. It can not be transplanted. The flower was / is never growing in the other parts of the world and perhaps will not grow again except in Shirui Peak. No one knows why this flower doesn’t grow in other places in spite of the maximum care.


The abode of Shirui Lily is in Shirui Kashung in Ukhrul district, Manipur state. Shirui is the name of the village under Ukhrul district situated in North East of the district. Ukhrul is around 103 km away from the state capital Imphal. Manipur is located in extreme North East of India. The district is famous because of this flower. It is located about 15 km in the east of the district capital, Ukhrul. Shirui Kashung range stretching from north to south ranging from 4900′ to 8474′ above the sea level is one of the most beautiful ranges in Manipur.In 1946 Mr. Kingdon Ward who came to Manipur Hills for botanical collection on behalf of the New York Botanical Society had made a sensational discovery of the famous Shirui Lily, which bagged the prestigious merit prize of the 1948 Royal Horticultural Society Flower Show in London. Lilieum Macklinae Sealy is the botanical name of Shirui Lily named after the maiden name of the wife Jean Macklin discoverer Kingdon F. Ward.Shirui Lily flower is a seasonal flower plants. Its best blooming season is in the month of May and June. The peak season of its bloom is between 15th May to 5th June. The height of the plant is between 1 to 3 ft. or 30 to 90 cms tall and 1 to 7 flowers per plant. In early years one could see even up to 11 / 12 flowers per plant, which is very rare now and will hardly find.



Image – Soso Shangh

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